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My Favorite Homemade Skin Cream

I’ll never forget my amazement some years ago when I used “natural progesterone,” a cream that is applied to the skin to give the progesterone hormone a boost. I was amazed how evident the results were that there were hormonal changes simply by a cream penetrating the skin.

It was then that I realized that anything we apply to our skin, or allow to get on our skin, will make its way into the inner workings of our bodies!

And so even the lotions and creams we use should be carefully evaluated for every single ingredient they contain. The fewer ingredients, the less likely there will be “mystery” ingredients.

That is why I make my own face and body cream. Yes, it’s a little more time consuming but my skin seems to love it, and the two ingredients it contains are very pure: shea butter and olive oil!

I use a light olive oil (see the picture) because although the heavier extra virgin olive oil is better and healthier for an Italian salad, who wants to smell like an Italian salad??? A big bottle of the light oil from Walmart is quite economical too.

I use the brand of shea butter shown in the picture as well. It is not the most natural form that is kind of brown in color and with a very strong odor. I prefer this one because it is creamier and more consistent in texture, with a lighter fragrance (essential oils can be added later). I buy it at 

So here is the recipe and instructions:

Place the entire jar of shea butter in a pyrex measuring cup and microwave until liquid.

Place one cup of light olive oil in another pyrex cup.

Switch the melted shea butter to a bowl (so that the hot glass won’t shatter from the temperature change), and place both the shea butter and the olive oil (separately) in the refrig until the shea butter begins to get solid around the edges. 

Pour olive oil into the bowl with the shea butter, and whip on high with an electric mixer for about 2 minutes or so.

Pour into a preferably glass container with an airtight lid. You may at this point stir in the essential oil of your choice for fragrance. I love vanilla essential oil. It is expensive but lasts forever. I sometimes add a couple drops of orange essential oil, which makes the whole thing smell like a 50/50 orange vanilla ice cream bar.  Please note that some say that any citrus oil should not be placed on skin before sun exposure as it can have a reaction. I have never noticed it on my own skin, but use citrus oil with caution in the sun.

This blend may seem a little oily when you first apply it, but rub it in well, and your skin will absorb the oil and all that is left is soft, silky skin!

May this natural recipe keep your skin sparkling and healthy 🙂




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