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The Kings Daughter…


Psalm 45 is amazing! When you get a chance, read it. It has been called “A Royal Wedding Song.” Since I am committed to sending you short and readable blogs, I will refrain myself, difficult as it is, from spilling out my full enthusiasm about this psalm right now.

But for our purposes, I’ll skip to verse 13 “The King’s daughter is all glorious within.” The King in this verse refers to God the Father.

Guess who “the King’s daughter” is? It’s you, and me and all believers in Christ. The Bible is full of references about “the Bride of Christ” and how He anxiously awaits being with “her” forever.

To Jesus, His bride sparkles! She is glorious to Him. He can’t wait to be with her forever. If you don’t believe me, read it yourself!

My pastor once said, “If we know who we are, we’ll act like it.” If only we knew who we really are! If only we knew how precious we are to Jesus and how He views us as “all glorious within” because of what He has done for us. If only we knew…




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