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Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me?

SkansonHansonedMike and I went to a dinner place last weekend that has live music. The performers, Skanson and Hansen, who are acoustical guitar players, were giving an account of their trip to England, where they recorded in the same studio at Abbey Road, where the Beatles recorded their music.

It turns out that Hansen (far left) had just turned 64 this week, and so they emphasized Paul McCartney’s  song, “When I’m Sixty-Four.” He wrote the song at age 15 at his home piano in Liverpool, because his grandfather had turned sixty-four. I found this sketch of the song on The Beatles Bible (

So, this song also holds meaning for me since on my next birthday in November, I will be…sixty four!

How do you sparkle when you’re sixty-four…and counting!

That will be the subject of the next few blogs (and many more in the future, I would guess!). Next time we will start with the biggest “sparkle quencher,” that I know of: WORRY!

By the way, It is my hope that these blogs will be interesting  to you whether you are 24, 44, 64, or 84!

See you next time!

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