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A Little Magic for Summer Hair

Summer is a time when often there’s no time to mess around with details…like washing your hair!  Yesterday, for example, we hiked with some friends, waaaaaaaaay steep to a beautiful place.  When I got home, I got into a hot bathtub to soak my aching muscles, but didn’t wash my hair.

SONY DSCSo next morning I used my favorite dry shampoo, Burt’s Bees Baby Dusting Powder.  Burt’s Bees stays away from really harmful ingredients. I like to put a little in the palm of my hand, bend my head way over, and rub in the refreshing, oil-absorbing powder. Be sure to get close to the roots. It has some fragrance which I like because it gives a nice scent to my hair; but if you’d like to stay away from fragrances completely, just plain corn starch will serve just as well as a dry shampoo. In fact, corn starch is the first ingredient in this dusting powder.

We plan to go tent camping later this week and who wants to try to wash hair during a camping trip?! So I plan to bring my handy Burt’s Bees Baby Dusting Powder. Vacations of any type tend to be like that, no time do a lot of regular grooming.

But you can still have fluffy hair, contributing to that outer sparkle, and it only takes a few seconds. Happy Summer and Happy Vacationing!



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