Jewelry Sparkle

Dichroic Sparkle!

As I shared in my “about” page, every once in a while, in between my inner and outer sparkle blogs, I will be sharing what’s going on at my Rocky Mountain Sparkle jewelry shop. You have no obligation to buy anything!  Maybe you will just enjoy looking.


Who can resist dragonflies? Not me. And that is why my first jewelry sparkle blog features some of my dragonfly pieces.



Purple and Teal

There’s something else that I cannot personally resist, and that is the color combination of purple and blu-ish teal. So I’m also showing you some of my pieces that feature those colors. I love it!  This is all dichroic jewelry, which sparkles and changes color with different lighting. I fell in love with this kind of amazing glass jewelry at a craft show last Christmas and decided to get a small kiln and make it a long-term pursuit.



My Two Helpers

By the way, I’d like you to meet my two “models.”  My friend told me that her daughter, who is quite charming, would be willing to model my jewelry, but it always seemed like the timing when I wanted to take pictures was too spontaneous to make plans. So meet Tressy and Kate.


Tressy (the head) is named after a doll I had when I was very young. She was named Tressy because her sole purpose was to style her hair, which I did for hours on end. The other “model,” the manikin form, is Kate, named after Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge), whose posture and the way she carries herself is a always reminder to me to stop being so slumpy! Every time I see this manikin, I throw my shoulders back, and straighten up.

I started to notice that my jewelry listings were beginning to look similar to each other, so these models will be a life-saver to me while attempting to have creative ways to display jewelry.

What Is Dichroic Glass Anyway??

The glass used in this jewelry is “multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals (such as gold or silver); oxides of such metals as titanium, chromium, aluminium, zirconium, or magnesium; or silica are vaporized by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber. The vapor then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure.”

A Special Discount…To Help Get My New Shop Off the Ground

If you want to see more of this beautiful dichroic glass jewelry, please visit my new shop And for my blog readers, I have made a coupon code if you see anything you are interested in. The coupon code is blog30, good until July 31, for 30% off anything in the shop. 



Every piece of jewelry is gift-wrapped and ready to go!


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