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The Wisdom of the In-Between


Mike and I attended a memorial service last Saturday. Death is an ending, not for the Christian, of course, who has the true and real hope of eternal life; but in some sense, at least a temporary sense,  it is an ending for the earthly relationships and earthly life when someone dies.

It seems that we suddenly realize how important that a person was to us, when they are taken from us in death.


Then there are the beginnings in life: the birth of a child, a wedding, the launching of adult children into their own occupations at graduation, even moving into a new home is a beginning. These events are celebrated with enthusiasm and joy. They are important, for they mark a new phase of life, a beginning.

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But what of the in-between times? In-between times are the every-day times that are filled with stress, disagreements, frustration. Do we value those days? We should, because unlike the memorial services and the festive beginning celebrations, the in-between times are more what real life is made of.

I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to value life: the relationships, the daily occupations, the true-to-life people, with all their faults, in our lives at this moment. Because life is made of in-between-time moments. It’s such a sad waste to not realize now, how much someone means to us. And to not celebrate now the small and seemingly insignificant growth and value in our loved one’s lives.

May we have the wisdom of the in-between time, this day, and every day. We shouldn’t wait for the memorial service or the special event to realize how important the people around us really are, and how important we ourselves are to God.

Moses prayed in Psalm 90:12 that God would teach him to realize the value of each in-between day, and that this was a “heart of wisdom.”




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