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The Thirst and Hunger In Our Souls

I’ve come to realize something. I tend to depend on various things in excess because I have a hunger and a thirst in my soul, that can’t be satisfied by anything but God Himself, and His Word, which points to God.

We all have this never-ceasing, voracious craving for our Creator, and it won’t be stopped. But rather than satisfying the thirst for God with God, there are things with which we try to quell our hunger.

Some of those things that we, in vain, try to satisfy ourselves with, that I notice in myself and in others (and we are all different in the specifics) are these:

social media
having a recognized status at church or work
seeking the praise of people
excessive vacations, trips, and adventures
a growing bank account
craving our children’s love and affection too much
depending too much on spouse or someone else to meet emotional needs
over emphasis on social events and get-togethers
home improvements, cars, and other “things”
drinking, drugs…
…and the list goes on.

By the way, most of the above items are just fine when they enhance our lives. But are deadly when they become our lives.

I’m not going to tell you what mine are, do you think I’m crazy? That’s way too vulnerable for a blog 🙂

slide_2But I will share what God seems to have impressed on me: to stop trying to avoid those things that I go to when I’m feeling that hunger in my soul. It is useless to do that, because the cravings in the soul are too strong to ignore. Rather, to have some disciplines in my life that force me to fill my hungers with the only thing that will satisfy, that is, God Himself.

Here’s one example: I have decided that each time I go to the computer during the day, I will first read 5 verses of the Bible, out loud, currently, that is the book of Romans. And in the morning, before I turn on the computer, I will read one stanza of Psalm 119. And there are other things I do during the day to at least give me pause before I depend on anything in excess.

I do this not because I am a disciplined, spiritual person, rather just the opposite, I do it because I am not! And I have fallen into depending on people and things and figments of my imagination, and seeing how utterly empty I end up.  I share with you, in part, so that I will be more likely to keep my commitment, rather than just giving up on it with time. Accountability is a good thing.

Isn’t God so very patient and kind? He waits until we exhaust ourselves trying to satisfy ourselves with something, anything, but Him; and then He receives us with open arms when we stagger back to Him, exhausted from all our pursuits. He is so good, and He loves us so much!

To end with, here are the lyrics of a song by one of my life mentors, Keith Green:

Draw me, oh, draw me, please draw me, my Jesus.
Into your presence, where I cannot lie.
My soul is so thirsty, I cannot endure it.
And if I can’t get closer, I surely will die.

Take me, oh take me, please take me, my Jesus.
Quickly, before I forget that I’m lost.
For so many times, my mind has deceived me,
That I really don’t have to carry the cross.
That I really don’t have to carry the cross.

I just need to know how to pray.
My wicked desires block the way,
Sometimes I have grieved you away,
I don’t want to do that today.

Help me, oh help me, please help me my Jesus.
Save me from sins that I thought were all gone.
Kill me with kindness, and break through my blindness.
I know till I’m dead, I can never live on.
I know till I’m dead, I can never live on.

I just need to know how to pray.
My wicked desires block the way,
Sometimes I have grieved you away,
I don’t want to do that today.

Draw me, oh draw me, please draw me my Jesus.


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