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The Great Henna Adventure

I’m going to tell you how and why I started using henna, actually a blend of henna and other botanicals, to give color to my hair. First, why do I call it a great adventure? Because using henna was like traveling to a new and unfamiliar land, going in with fear and trembling at the unknown. To make matters worse, I heard many spooky tales and bodings from hairdressers of the horrors of those who had gone before, never to return the same after encountering the dreaded Henna monster.

Add boiling water

Then when I opened the package of Light Mountain natural auburn botanical hair color, and followed the directions, things got even more ominous. Instead of the perfume-y white or pastel colored hair products I was used to, it was green, army green! And it smelled like a barn! (My husband says it smells like manure, but don’t mind him.) You add boiling water, and I add a little yogurt to make it smooth. But honestly, it looks pretty gross.

Stir in some yogurt

And so the adventure began. I wanted so bad to use something natural on my hair. After all, I believe that “outer sparkle” involves putting as little stress on the immune system as possible, which gives more energy for healthy things like sparkling eyes, glowing skin, and energy to tackle life with a smile.

Long story short, I now love using my botanical hair color! It took some getting used to, but the things that at first bothered me, I now love.  For example, henna does make the hair heavier. But after I worked with it, I found that the heaviness was actually because each strand of hair is fortified with the conditioning effects of the botanicals, and rather than the scraggly, thin hair that resulted from when I used to highlight my hair with chemicals, it actually was shiny and seemed to have more volume (a real plus at an age when hair is much thinner than it used to be.)

IMG_9683ed2close up

And so that is the story of the great Henna adventure. If you don’t like all those foreign-looking and impossible-to-pronounce words on the box of your hair color, take the journey, it’s not so bad! And the “barn smell” goes away with the first wash 🙂


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