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A Beauty Secret of Cleopatra

If you read of Cleopatra of Eygpt, she certainly, in my opinion, didn’t possess the kind of inner sparkle that we would want to emulate. But her outside beauty is, if not a fact, a long-term legend. One contributor to her beautiful skin was thought to be her regular milk baths.

I haven’t added milk to my bath yet (but may try it this winter when I love to warm up from the cold Colorado weather in a warm-to-hot bath). But I have become somewhat addicted to using whole-milk plain yogurt to wash my face!

DSC00605edreduced.jpgYogurt, like milk, contains almost magical enzymes that exfoliate, add moisture, and protect skin. The first time I tried washing my face with yogurt, I felt my skin afterward, and I had never felt it so smooth and silky. It kind of felt like baby skin.

Using a soft face brush just adds to the gentle exfoliation.

Here’s my washing routine. I gently rub on the yogurt (I am fortunate to have a small refrigerator in my bathroom!), with my purple face brush and swirl it around. Then I rinse with warm water until the yogurt is removed, then I turn off the hot water completely and finish rinsing with ice cold water. I open my eyes in the icy water, and that helps reduce bloodshot eyes and dark circles. Then pat dry with a towel.

SONY DSCBy the way, the little refrig. in my bathroom closet is used constantly, very handy when you want to make your own skin care and cosmetics.

I am not someone who uses botox or anything like that, and never will, and trust me, I do have some wrinkles…and my skin type tends to be dry and un-supple.  I no longer look 25! But I am committed to be the best I can be in every area, “character lines” and all. And washing my face with yogurt makes my skin the best it can be. I highly recommend it!



Would love to hear your ideas for skin care. Leave a comment if you’d like!









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