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Tell the Grumpies to Get Lost!

Mike and I both had the grumpies this past weekend. I was grumpy at him, and he was grumpy at me. Who started it? Hard to say. But I know who ended it.

When we get in a downward spiral, we sometimes sit in the living room, Mike on the couch, I on the “cozy,” a big padded rocking chair, big enough for two rather skinny people. Durango the cat usually joins me on the cozy. And Mike and I sit there and hash it out, trying to find some peace with each other.

This time, I communicated that it would be helpful for him to encourage me, but I said it still grumpily. Suddenly he said this: “You know, a lot of guys would give their right arm to be married to someone like you. I’m glad to be married to you, Sweetheart.”

A shy smile came over my face as if someone had told the grumpies to get lost, and from that point on, Mike and I encouraged each other the rest of the day.

11449-Dont-Mix-Bad-Words-With-Your-Bad-MoodA couple little sentences of encouragement. One little gesture to break the cycle of bad moods. That’s usually all it takes. Tell the grumpies to get lost, and encourage your spouse, your children, the lady in the grocery store, even if she’s grumpy…What a difference it will make in their lives if you do! Saying encouraging words is the best kind of sparkle.

“…not returning insult for insult, but giving a blessing instead.” I Peter 3:9

1 thought on “Tell the Grumpies to Get Lost!”

  1. Kind and encouraging words to uplift rather than destroy are free and easy to give if our heart is right with the Lord. Thank you for this honest peek at how you and Mike handled this time of the “grumpies” and to encourage us to sparkle with kind, encouraging words!

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