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Faux Intimacy

Seth Godin wrote the following in his blog this morning:

True connection is a frightening prospect.

When you are seen by someone else, really seen, it hurts even more if you’re ultimately rejected. When we connect, we make promises, buy into a different future, engage with another, someone who might let us down (or we might let them down).

Far easier, of course, to do something more shallow.

A friend on social media is not like a friend in real life.

And so, we sit at dinner, browsing on our phone instead of connecting with the person across from us. Because the phone promises instant gratification, an exciting dopamine hit, and plenty of faux intimacy.

Which is great as far as it goes, but no, it’s not the same.

He’s talking, of course, about losing one’s sparkle in real life for a false sparkle that isn’t really us, but a phantom of who we really are, an electronic sparkle isn’t the same as flesh and blood, a real-person sparkle.

Don’t do it! Call a friend and get together. Put your phone away when there are human beings in your presence. Sparkle in real time, real life!

By the way, I’m trying to come up with my blog schedule for the fall. I have two blogs: Sparkle No Matter What, and Un-Special Needs, for parents of kids who have special issues. I’m thinking of alternating between blogs, writing one each week. Not sure if I will have a regular day or not, such as every Wednesday. The problem with that is, I may lose my enthusiasm for sharing if I have to wait for a certain day. But be assured, I will be sending out regular blogs in some form starting in September. Thank you for “listening.” I hope what I send will be worth your time!


2 thoughts on “Faux Intimacy”

  1. Face to face, heart to heart WITHOUT phones or any media….thank you for this reminder
    to really share each other’s life, joys and sorrows. You are a blessing to all who know or read you, Bev!


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