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Don’t Get Upset! …It’s Bad For Your Sparkle…

Don’t get upset…I didn’t say “don’t feel frustrated,” or “don’t be disappointed,” I didn’t even say, “don’t feel anger.” But don’t get upset.

The Lord seems to be impressing my own heart with this message, for I am somewhat easily upset, and find even more since Bradley, our son, left us to go to heaven some years ago. I didn’t experience that as much when our daughter Kristie, who had the same muscle disorder as Brad, left us to go to heaven. Although I was overwhelmed by the sadness of her absence, I suppose I was younger and more resilient then. But all I know is, losing our second child made my heart more inclined to get upset about “things,” big things, little things, in-between things.

Let me share with you some actual definitions of the word upset.


(verb) To cause to overturn; knock or tip over. upset set flowerpot.

(verb) To cause to feel ill.

(verb) To defeat unexpectedly upset the winning opponent.

(noun) A disturbance, disorder, or state of agitation an upset in my routine.

Do you see why being upset is never healthy? Look at those definitions!

Although experiencing negative emotions is not necessarily unhealthy, allowing ourselves to be controlled by these emotions to the point of being upset is never healthy for ourselves or for those around us. It “overturns us, knocks us over, tips us over, causes us to feel ill, defeats us unexpectedly.”

Proverbs 16:32 tells us that he who rules his spirit is better than he who captures a city.


So join me in my resolve to not allow myself to get upset. How often am I successful? Well, more often than I was before I started working on it!

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