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The Gracious Tongue

The kind of speech that most amazes and inspires me to do better with my own mouth is the speech that is gracious. That is, the opposite of an accusing, critical, fault-finding, defensive tongue.

I think the most amazing gracious words are those that are spoken by someone when they themselves have been insulted or rudely spoken to, and yet they come back with kind words. Doesn’t that just blow you away?? That kind of gracious speech is powerful, you might even say, it sparkles.13507175_10153903434998773_3829397258382135009_n

I know the times that I have been on the receiving end of such gracious and undeserved kind words, it has stopped me in my tracks. It has made me feel ashamed of my big mouth. It has inspired me to be a kinder person.

Here is what Deborah Smith Pegues says in her book 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue:

If we claim that God is our Father…We will deliberately choose words that are warmhearted, understanding, and sympathetic. This does not mean that we are to bury our heads in the sand and refuse to deal with problematic situations. However, before we approach anyone, we must go to God and get His words…

3e5579dc2b13d7fdbb08f66d505002f3Oh, to think before I speak, to pray before I open my mouth, that is my goal. If God can give me a gracious tongue, He can do anything. And guess what, He can do anything!

Here’s an encouraging quote:

“With the help of grace, the habit of saying kind words is very quickly formed, and when once formed, it is not speedily lost.” Frederick W. Faber



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