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Getting Rid Of That Tired Look, And Having Sparkling Eyes

I’m not a great sleeper. But I’m working on it and improving because I know that sleep contributes to both inner and outer sparkle. How can you sparkle from the inside out when you’re constantly tired?

I wrote a blog about how I’m learning to sleep and you can view it here.

But this time, I want to share a little trick to get rid of tired eyes and even a tired mind in just 10 minutes!

SONY DSCThis is my little rice bag. I made it. If you have a sewing machine, you can make one in 5 minutes by sewing together two pieces of soft fabric, like flannel, 7.5″ X 3.5″, and adding just enough rice to make it comfortable. (Sew inside out, leave a small opening, turn right side out, add rice, and sew it closed) Don’t add too much rice as you want it to be flexible and light.

If you’re not into sewing, simply get a sock, add rice, and tie the end together with a piece of ribbon.

I use my bigger rice bags for heat on my sore muscles. But this tiny rice bag goes into the freezer. Then about midday, if possible, lie down on your couch for about 10 minutes, place the cool bag on your eyes, and you will feel relaxed!

Not only will you feel relaxed, but all those little blood vessels inside and around your eyes will stop bulging and get smaller. (Another trick for achieving that same thing is to rinse your eyes out in the morning with very cold water.)

My husband recently told me that I was short on “outer sparkle” blogs. So this is my outer sparkle tip for the day. 🙂

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