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Outer Sparkle: Minimize sagging face and neck; it’s fail-proof.

I used to have pudgy cheeks when I was little. People, especially men it seemed, were always pinching them. One of my parents’ friends would grab onto my cheeks and squeeze them and say, “Ooooo, Dolly!” every time he saw me!

But now, many years later, my pudgy cheeks are giving in to gravity and much to my chagrin, are drooping into sagging jowls! I looked in the mirror recently, and just said a quiet, “bummer,” thinking that unless one has a face lift, one has to resign to the inevitable sag.

But then, I remembered something! When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I used to begin my summer mornings, every day at 8:30, watching Jack LaLanne. He did exercises with just a chair, no other workout equipment. And often, he would do face exercises. They made me laugh, because of course at that time, I had no interest in firming up my teenage face.

But I do now! So I googled “Jack La Lanne face exercises” and there it was, just as I remembered. And as I watched the video I remembered that he would call his audience, which consisted mostly of housewives, “students” and would not only do exercises but teach them. In this video, he teaches his students that there are many muscles in the face and that just as if you do sit-ups each day, you can firm your stomach muscles, if you  exercise your face muscles, you can firm those too!

The good news is that results begin to show in just a short while. Why is it that most exercise programs leave out the face? It has just as many muscles just waiting to be toned and firmed as the rest of the body.

Truth is, a 50 or 60 year-old is never going to look 20 or 30 again, but that’s not the goal. The goal is to look as good as we can at the age we are, right?

Take a look at Jack La Lanne. He is the all-time guru of fitness and health. Many workout spas still use the equipment he invented.


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