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Sparkle By Being “An Outsider.”

I have a bumper sticker on my car that says, Be an Outsider. It’s actually a promotion for the store LLBean, but I liked the message, so I used the bumper sticker they sent me, which is amazing.

For me it had two meanings: first, a person should be who they are and believe what they believe, even if it means being an outsider in the culture in which they live, which it actually often does mean that. The second meaning to me of  “be an outsider,” is that a person will sparkle inside and out if he or she gets out to revel in the Creation that God, the Creator, has made for us to enjoy!

Have you noticed how blaaaaa you feel when you’ve been indoors too long, breathing the stale air, looking at a screen, lulling to sleep because of boredom?

IMG_3466reducedSo speaking of being an outsider, I have another blog, which is actually the blog for our little shop that we own. But on it, I have begun to write some hiking blogs, sharing pictures and experiences from our hiking times. Pictured here is Dream Lake, which is a place as dreamy as it sounds!

Click here to see the blog about our hike there!

So be an outsider! Go against the grain of popular thinking, if that is necessary to be who you really are. And get outside! Because when we get outside, we have an environment to get to know ourselves, and to get to know God, and to think about what really matters in life. Be an Outsider.

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