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When All Else Fails, Take a Bath…


Sometimes, my muscles ache, my head is tight, I feel tense all over. When that happens there is only one thing to do…take a very warm, almost hot, bath.

I call it my “think tank,” because there I am finally quiet with my own thoughts. No one is telling me what to think; no news is alarming my mind; I can pray. I can ponder. I can close my eyes and melt into the calming warmth.

I don’t like just plain water. I have some favorite things that I put into the bath. One is finely ground oatmeal mixed with powdered milk and a blend of orange, vanilla, and peppermint essential oils. The other is my handmade goat milk soap, which is creamy-dreamy and scented with wonderful smells.


I’ll share a couple of my favorite bath secrets. One is Bach for the Bath, the most wonderful music ever to soak in the tub! I never get tired of it.

The other thing I love to do is to make the bath steamy and to contrast the warmth with a cracked window, yes even in Colorado in winter! The cool breeze and the hot bath feels wonderful. At least I think so.

Whether or not you are a bath lover, find your own way to have that completely relaxing “think tank” time for body, mind, and spirit. Doing so will help you come away more ready to give to others, more able to sparkle, you might say.



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