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Singing With the Angels

Kristie with Grandma Linder 001My daughter Kristie was born May, 25 1986. My friend Janice also had a baby girl right around that time, Rachel.  Kristie was born with a muscle problem and went to be with Jesus when she was three years old. But during her short life, although the doctors told us when she was born that she would never speak, not only did she speak, she sang at the top of her lungs with great joy, much of her days. Pictured here is her singing with one of her grandmas when she wasn’t even two years old.

So Janice just sent me this little two-minute clip of Rachel, who is now a lovely young woman, singing with what seems the voice of an angel, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.” The beauty of it made me cry. And it also made me cry that Kristie is also singing, turning her eyes often upon her Savior and joining with the angels in song.

Please listen to this short song, and turn the eyes of your heart upon Jesus. There is no sparkle that compares to joining the angels in song, and looking to the one who loves you so deeply, Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Singing With the Angels”

  1. Hi Beverly,

    It’s hard to believe that Kristie would be 32 next month. Are we old enough to have kids in their 30s??

    I’m grateful for this memory you shared about her song-filled heart and the joy she has with Jesus. And, I loved this version of Rachel singing this song…it really slows and stills my heart to be unhurried in the presence of our faithful Savior…Who is coming back for us too.

    Good night for now…my bedtime here, Love, Karen


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